Fabrication of all types of Rotators  like Conventional Rotators, Pipe Rotators, Welding Rotators, Self Aligning Rotators, Fit Up Rotators etc…

Conventional Rotators   –   With work capacities from 1T to 2000 Tonnes, the frame and rotator base is fabricated vigorously to ensure perfect alignment to carry the weight of the vessel or job. Both the drive and the idler frames are fabricated accordingly.

Self Aligning Rotators  –       With automatic adjustable Roller Housings to accept any job diameters within specified diameter range, thus a large range of diameters can be accommodated without need for any type of adjustment.

Traversing Rotators    –       The Traversing Rotators ranges for carrying vessels of various lengths , and to allow for traversing  in addition to rotation at the work site. Traversing Rotators are fabricated to the highest standards with quality materials and components.

Fit Up Rotators          –        Fit Up Rotators are fabricated by positioning the pipe or tank in such a way that it can be rotated smoothly . The Hydraulic Fit- Up Rotators generally used for fitting up of wind towers or cone pipe assembly welding


 A Condenser Is A Device Or Unit Used To Condense A Substance From Its Gaseous To Its Liquid State, By Cooling It. In So Doing, The Latent Heat Is Given Up By The Substance, And Will Transfer To The Condenser Coolant. Condensers Can Be Made According To Numerous Designs, And Come In Many Sizes Ranging From Rather Small (Hand – Held) To Very Large (Industrial – Scale Units Used In Plant Processes).


Crane Manufacturing

We manufacture best quality and high performance cranes. We offer solutions for all lifting needs from high capacity cranes to heavy duty process cranes . We also make modular cranes and tailor – made lifting solutions as per requirement.


Pre-Engineered Building Manufacturing

Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEBs) are highly spacious and give a comfortable shed for working. We manufacture PEBs  for commercial as well as industrial sectors as per requirement with high quality materials.


Formal Frames Fenders


Formal Frames Fenders Are Used To Fit Long Frames. Provides A Large Vertical Contact Area For Ports Where There Is A Huge Tidal Variation. Cell Fenders Are One Of The Most Preferred Fenders For Large Size Vessels . Cell Fenders Can By Installed In Configuration Of Single , Dual Or In Multiple Combinations With A Common Frontal Frame For Optimization Of The Performance Characteristics. 

Structure Steel Fabrication

All Type of Light & Heavy Fabrications Based on Requirement  – Structural Frame and Trusses , Heavy Structural Fabrication and Erection , S.S and M.S.Tank Fabrication and Erection, Equipment Erection etc..

Oil Bath

An Oil Bath Is A Type Of Heated Bath Used In A Laboratory. These Baths Are Commonly Used To Heat Reaction Mixtures. An Oil Bath Is Essentially A Container Of Oil That Is Heated By A Hot Plate. Generally, Silicon Oil Is Used In Modern Oil Baths, Although Mineral Oil , Cottonseed Oil And Even Phosphori C  Acid Have Been Used In The Past. Another Us Of An Oil Bath Is To Filter Particulate Out Of Air, By Leading The Air Stream  Through An (Unheated) Oil Bath . This Type Of Air Filter Was Used In Car Engines, But Has Been Replaced By Modern Paper Air Filters.

Chemical Tank

Chemical tanks are storage containers for chemicals widely used within the chemical industry. We manufacture Chemical Tanks as per the drawing and requirement of the clients

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